Stepney Hill Farm is a family-run farm with 160 acres of land which is all down to permanent grass, clover and wildflower paddocks.

At Stepney Hill Farm you’ll find 100 acres of the most beautiful grass, clover, and wildflower paddocks – owned and run by the Tyson family since 1966.

Yorkshire is a beautiful county, and Scarborough is no exception, which makes Stepney Hill Farm the perfect place to enjoy nature’s bounty. The farm itself sits within a picture-postcard valley, flanked by vibrant woodland and offering a panoramic view of Scarborough.

A family affair

The Tyson family has owned and occupied Stepney Hill Farm since 1966. Today it’s run by Ashley & Nicola Tyson, with the help of their three children and a small but highly dedicated team. Running a farm is not a business, it’s a way of life, and the Tyson family hope to rekindle the days when a farm was the linchpin of the local community. Whether it’s for a delicious afternoon tea, wedding or private event catering, or the option to purchase some of the most delicious locally-produced meat you’ve ever tasted, you’ll find it at Stepney Hill Farm.

Quality Produce And Professional Service

Stepney Hill Farm takes an “old fashioned” approach to rearing meat – ensuring the animals are able to enjoy the best quality of life possible, indulge on properly nutritious feed, and get the chance to grow at their own pace. This approach pays dividends when it comes to the final quality of the meat produced – the flavour and succulence are like nothing you’ve ever tasted, and you can’t come remotely close by farming to tight convenience-food deadlines.

The farm’s focus has changed many times over the years, from suckler and dairy cows through to sheep breeding. We rear traditional breeds, such as Swaledale, Tamworth and Limousin – this ensures proper taste. Our lambs and cattle live comfortable lives grazing on high-quality clover-rich grass. This adds flavour, depth of marbling, and ultimately pure quality to the meat that they produce. Tamworth pigs offer natural grazing year-round, without churning the picturesque countryside.

At Stepney Hill Farm you’ll find everything you’re looking for if you have a taste for delicious, locally sourced and reared meat. With tea rooms, catering options, and the ability to buy all your meat from your local area, Stepney Hill Farm is your path to enjoying truly delicious, succulent, high-quality meats and local produce.

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